Liveaboard diving in

The Aguja

Must see

The Aguja (which translates as the needle) dive site is located close to the rocky shoreline of the south west part of the small island of Es Vedra. The dive site features a huge underwater peak that rises vertically from the seabed at 40m/131ft up to just 3m/9.8ft below the sea surface. On their dive divers swim around the Needle at different depths ad then head towards the wall of Es Vedra, where there is a small cave with an air pocket so that divers can surface and breathe some fresh air.

When To Go Diving

Diving here is possible year-round due to the Mediterranean climate. Average water temperatures vary from 14C/57Fin the winter and 27C/80F in the summer.

What to see

While exploring the rock surfaces, divers will see beautiful sponges, big colonies of anemones, lobsters, wrasses, scorpiofish, groupers, sea bream and other fish species.