Scuba diving in Ralagala Wreck

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Diver level
Average: 49.2 ft
Maximum: 82 ft
Average: 6.56 ft
Maximum: 82 ft
This is a wreck dive site that is located in Galle. Recommended for advanced divers only. The depth of the site is around 20m/65ft

When to go

The average water temperature is around 27C/80F. The air temperature stays around 30C/88F. The water visibility is about 5-25m/16-82ft.

What to see

Among marine species populating the area divers can see snappers, angelfish, porcupine fish, puffer fish, titan triggerfish and giant moray. Divers can explore some interesting remains of the wreck such as oil barrels, transmission parts and relatively intact parts of the great hull.

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