Join us in Norway for an unforgettable orca expedition in Troms/Finnmark, witnessing the majestic dance of the whales
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Every year, from the end of October to mid-January, the icy waters of Troms and Finnmark in northern Norway become the stage for the world's largest gathering of orcas. This remarkable phenomenon is driven by the migration of enormous herring shoals into the fjords, attracting not only up to 60 orcas at a time but also humpback whales, eager to feast on the abundant food supply.

Embarking on an orca expedition in this remote part of Norway is an adventure like no other. Without the need for a diving license, enthusiasts have the unique opportunity to come face-to-face with these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Our expeditions are carefully designed to follow the orcas closely, observing their playful interactions and feeding behaviors in a respectful and non-intrusive manner.

When conditions permit, the truly brave can slip into the frigid waters to swim alongside these gentle giants. To float in the silence of the Norwegian fjords, accompanied by the orcas and their haunting calls, is an experience that touches the soul, leaving an indelible mark on the heart of every adventurer


When To Go Dive in Norway

The optimal time to join our orca expeditions is from late October through mid-January, aligning with the herring migration that draws these predators to the Norwegian fjords. During this period, the water temperature can be as low as 4°C to 6°C (39°F to 43°F), demanding appropriate thermal protection for those brave enough to enter the water. Visibility varies, often extending up to 15 meters (49 feet), providing clear views of the underwater spectacle

Water temperature
6 C
5 C
4 C
6 C
8 C
12 C
14 C
14 C
13 C
10 C
8 C
7 C

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Arctic voyage
A trip to arctic whales aboard a ship was my dream. It eventually came true. Thanks to Divebooker and the crew of Sula everything went so smoothly, I did not have any single issue. A close a... Read more
pproach to majestic orcas and whale watching is something that stays long in your memory. Now I'll be looking forward to repeat such a memorable nordic voyage some time in the future
D. Endas
A unique exciting experience with ship, crew and food to match
I recently enjoyed a great experience on board the Plancius and shared scuba diving with 16 other divers and 3 dive leaders, on a board that had about 105 passengers. The boat was excelle... Read more
nt for also needing to be suitable for the Antarctic, supporting both scuba divers, kayakers and land lovers. But what made the trip was the crew, having been on about 10 dive-only boats and experiences good customer service, the folks on this boat where amazing and put some of those dive-only boats into second place for sure. The diving was a polar experience, so with that in mind you expectations are adjusted from perhaps warm water reefs. With that in mind I had a few great encounters with different seals, fleeting glimpse of a penguin darting by and some bottom life to keep your mind focused away from the chilly waters. This is a dive experience like none others and the Plancius is well worth choosing for that epic adventure. Would strongly recommend!
K. Dan