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Menjangan Island

  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    50 m
  • Visibility:

    to 50m
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Menjangan Island is situated off the northwest coast of Bali and it is an internationally recognized dive location, famous for its unbelievable visibility of up to 50m/164ft and great wall-diving opportunities. Menjangan's walls that start at 10m/32ft deep and plunge to the deepest of 60m/196ft, are covered all the way with beautiful coral growth, large sponges and gorgonian fans. There are many crevices, overhangs, nooks and crannies on the walls that provide hiding places for amazing little creatures and a wide variety of small reef fish. Being protected from the cold currents, Menjangan does not offer regular encounters with big pelagic species, but it is a wonderful place for enjoying beautiful sponges and the largest diversity of gorgonians in Bali. Due to the varying depths and the absence of currents, Minjangan can suit divers of all levels of experience and is also an excellent place for snorkeling. There is a variety of interesting dive sites around Menjangan island, and among them are Eel Garden, Anker Wreck, Bat Cave, Temple Wall, Pos 1 and Pos 2 dive sites.

When To Go Diving

It is possible to dive at Menjangan Island all year round, however, the best diving conditions are considered to be from April to November when visibility can reach over 50m/164ft. The water temperatures are quite warm throughout the year ranging from 28C/82F to 31C/88F.

What to see

Menjangan Island offers an interesting wall-diving with the walls plunging to depths of around 60m/196ft and covered all the way with soft corals, colorful sponges and beautiful gorgonian fans. Besides vast shoals of typical small reef fish, quite often divers encounter turtles, napoleon fish, parrotfish and groupers. In deeper waters divers have an opportunity to spot blacktip and whitetip sharks and eagle rays.

Reviews about Menjangan Island

Delightful Menjangan
Menjangan - a small uninhabited island, which is part of the National Park Bali Barat and located in the northwest of Bali, not far from neighboring Java. The word «menjangan» translated as "Deer" - they really live here and can often be seen wandering around the island and even swim in the ocean.Water part of Menjangan looks exactly as befits the exotic islands of the novels of Rafael Sabatini and Jules Verne. Mangroves, white beaches, turquoise waters, palm trees, silence ... And a beautiful temple with a bright ... Read more
white statue of the god Ganesha, standing on the steep bank. Get here on a comfortable wide fishing boat leaving the picturesque lagoon in Bali. During this rather short walk sometimes you can see flying fish or a flock of dolphins.Diving is available yet and that part of the island that is hidden beneath the surface of the ocean. It deserves it! Opinion that the best dive sites in Bali are found on Menjangan, widespread and entirely true. The island is surrounded by a rich and vibrant coral reef with a width of up to 100 meters at a depth of 2-5 meters surface - simply extraordinary conditions for swimming and snorkelling!And actually diving Menjangan - a wall. Up to 60 meters. Walls with an interesting relief - underwater caves, canyons, cornices ... They grow bright gorgonian fans, large colorful sponges, corals bizarre and twisted around fry all sorts of colors. Water column penetrate the sun's rays and the whole marine life playing with bright colors - just a fantastic sight! Diving here, you can see turtles, barracuda, reef sharks, schools of tuna and jack fishey, plataksov, Lionfish, scorpionfish, octopus ...There is another feature of diving on the island Medzhangan. Only here you can watch on a night dive, stunningly beautiful, mysterious manadarinfish! You can endlessly to write, speak and rasskazayvat about diving on the island Medzhangan, but the right will come here himself! After all, only came and saw with my own eyes the beauty of the island Medzhangan, you will forever love this place
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