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About Koror Island

Koror Island is a part of the island archipelago of Palau located on the coast of the Philippine Sea and the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. It is connected by bridges to two neighboring islands, Ngerekbesang Island, and Malakal Island, the site of Koror's port. It is also connected by the Koror-Babeldaob Bridge to the state of Airai on the island of Babeldaob, where Palau International Airport is located. The waters surrounding Koror have been recognized as one of the seven Underwater Wonders of the World. Surrounded by a fringe reef, the archipelago is home to a vibrant and diverse marine ecosystem. Underwater highlights include lots of species of hard and soft corals, sharks (gray reef, black tip, white tip, and the occasional bull shark, leopard shark and hammerhead) and turtles (hawksbill, green, olive ridley, leatherback, and loggerhead) as well as giant clams, manta and eagle rays, lionfish, mandarin fish, cuttlefish, lobsters, dolphins, schools of barracudas, colorful anthias, nudibranches and several other species. The sites that should be on divers' "must see" list include Helmet Wreck (max depth 35m/116ft); the Iro Maru wreck(max depth 40m/131ft) located in the Malakal Harbour; Pincher's Reef and Chandelier Cave, near Koror; Nikko Bay and Long Island Park near Malakal, which are great for snorkeling; and Short Drop Off, a gentle, unassuming wall dive with mild currents, located near Koror Harbour. Chandelier Cave is suitable for divers even without a great deal of cave diving experience. The average depth of the site is 10-15m/32-49ft. It is made up of 5 separate chambers that are all connected: the first four are under water but have air pockets, whilst the fifth is above the water line. Fantastic stalactites and stalagmites have formed over the years and now resemble chandeliers, which is why the site was called Chandelier Cave. Fish life includes mainly cardinalfish, soldierfish and plenty of shrimp.

When to go to Koror Island

The weather is near perfect for year round diving, but the best time to come is considered November through May. Water temperatures range between 21-26C/70-80F. Visibility is about 30m/98ft or better.