Liveaboard diving in

Isla Esponja

Must see
La Esponja, which means ‘the sponge’, is a tiny rocky islet, located off the southeast coast of the island, close to Ibiza Harbor. The dive is usually done by swimming around the islet and exploring a steep wall, covered in beautiful coral growth, and some interesting rock formations that can be found closer to the sea bed off the south side of the islet where it is the maximum depth. The dive can be interesting for both experienced and beginner divers due to an incredible variety of marine species that can surprise the divers at any depth around the islet.

When To Go Diving

The high diving season here is from April to October. Average water temperatures range from 14C/57Fin the winter and 27C/80F in the summer.

What to see

Divers will explore numerous holes, cracks and small caves where they will find beautiful corals and sponges, big colonies of colorful anemones, lobsters, octopi, scorpionfish, wrasses, barracudas and other interesting fish species.