Scuba diving in Gran Cenote

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Diver level
Average: 8 m
Maximum: 15 m
No currents
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m
Grand Cenote is a very popular site, part of the Sac Aktun System, located not far from Tulum city. Reaching this place divers will find a parking lot and a stairway that leads to a large, crescent-shape cenote. Either swimmers, snorkelers or scuba divers can dive this site.

When to go

It is possible to dive Gran Cenote throughout the year. The average air temperature stays within 25-30C/77-86F. The average water temperature stays around 20C/68F. Water visibility ranges between 10-30m/32-98ft.

What to see

The cenote have plenty of sun light, and offer divers endless passageways, blue-green waters, stalagmites, white formations of stalactites and columns.

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Dive center`s Special Offers

  • Playa del Carmen CenoteXperience

    3 Dives in Cenotes

    Cenote dives for certified divers. It is required 2 divers to do the 3 dives packages
  • Playa del Carmen Fantasea Dive and Adventures

    Playa del Carmen plus Cenotes Package

    2 days / 4 dives, accommodation is available on request
  • Playa del Carmen DiveMex

    Diving in Cenotes

    Half day diving excursion with 2 dives in the famous cenotes. The diving in the cenotes is something very special. The Yucatan peninsula is famous for this wide cross-linked, underground river system, and each year thousands of divers come to Mexico just to have this experience. Hundreds of kilometers extend along the coast. Mystical places of a bygone culture. The cenotes. To get there, we take the pick-up truck directly into the jungle. Having arrived at the cenote we consider the local conditions, and provide a detailed briefing about the safety regulations and the dives. Then we prepare the equipment and start for the first dive; there are usually two. Between dives we offer a snack with cold, non-alcoholic beverages. After the second dive, we have lunch. What makes the cavern diving in the cenotes something special? The crystal clear water gives you a feeling of floating in the middle of an underground room. The light has a laser intensity and the ancient formations are breathtaking. A must for every diver. The rates for the Cenotes depend on distance, entrance fees and double entrance fees (115 USD - 165 USD)
  • Playa del Carmen Diving Caves

    Advanced cenote diving

    Please, choose any from the following options: cenote Dreamgate, Calavera, Carwash, Gran Cenote, the Pit, Angelita, Pet Cemetery, Zapote
  • Puerto Aventuras Planet Scuba Mexico

    5 Days/10 Dives Silver Package

    Daily diving. This product is for certified divers only
  • Playa del Carmen Cenote Diving

    Cenote Diving Level C (by Days, 2 Dives per Day)

    Diving in level C cenotes (Dreamgate / Grand Cenote + Aktun Ha, aka Carwash / Calavera + Grand Cenote). Price of one day might vary with number of days you order. This product is for certified divers only
  • Playa del Carmen Fantasea Dive and Adventures

    Playa del Carmen plus Cenotes plus Cozumel or Puerto Morelos Package

    3 days / 6 dives, accommodation is available on request
  • Playa del Carmen Blue Life Diving

    3 Day Cavern Package

    Cavern diving. This product is for certified divers only. The entire Riviera Maya looks like Swiss cheese when seen from above. There are thousands of holes on the ground providing access to the underground rivers. These holes, called “cenotes”, provide a very unique opportunity for scuba divers to explore a new environment. The cavern dives between Playa del Carmen and Tulum are absolutely amazing. They range in difficulty to accommodate beginner through expert divers. At Blue Life, we have an impeccable safety and customer service record. To ensure you have an incredible time, you will dive in a group with no more than 4 people and with a very experienced guide that will take care of all your dive needs. Day 1: 2 Dives at Chac Mool; Day 2: Grand Cenote and Calavera; Day 3: The Pit and Dos Ojos

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