Fury Shoals

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From Boat
Diver Level
Average: 12 m
Maximum: 40 m
Average: 15 m
Maximum: 30 m

Fury Shoals is a group of about 20 reefs 30km/19mi long that lie south of Marsa Alam and North of Ras Banas in the southwestern part of the Red Sea. Divers will be delighted while diving around pristine coral reefs that are teeming with fish. This diving area can only be reached by liveaboard. Various types of dives are available depending on what divers prefer: fringing reefs, walls, lagoons, drop-offs, or wrecks. Some of the dive sites worth visiting here are Sha'ab Claudia, with its stunning swim-throughs and huge coral formations, Sha'ab Maksur, which features steep walls and some pinnacles, and Sha'ab Sataya (aka Dolphin Reef), with deep walls and an inner lagoon, where a pod of spinner dolphins lives.

When to go

Divers can dive here all year round, although the temperature rises steeply in the summer months, peaking at about 40C/104F in August. The average water temperature varies from 23-31C/73-87F throughout the year.

What to see

The colorful coral reef is rich with marine life for divers to explore. Whitetip sharks, gray reef sharks, anemones, clownfish, barracudas, moray eels, huge groupers, giant trevallies, and dogtooth tuna are attracted to the hard and soft corals and can be spotted here

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