Scuba diving in End of the world

From Shore, From Boat
Diver level
Average: 5 m
Maximum: 40 m
from moderate to strong
Average: 20 m
Maximum: 30 m
End of the World dive site is located close to the shore on the southern tip of a tiny Tala island in Langkoi Bay. The dive site features a sheer wall of rock that goes deep down to 40m/131ft. The coral life on the wall is magnificent and untouched. Colorful marigold cup corals growing on the flat areas of the wall create a beautiful and vivid effect against the dark background of the rock. The wall is broken up by numerous cuts, overhangs, sandy shelves and hidden places that offer divers opportunities to explore them and discover their inhabitants. The marine life is also diverse and plentiful with vast shoals of small reef fish and big pelagic species. Due to the depth, currents and strong surge this dive site is more suitable for experienced divers.

When to go

End of the World dive site is available for diving all year long, as the average water temperature ranges slightly from 22C/71F to 24C/75F.

What to see

There is a spectacular coral growth in the cuts and shelves of the wall and an abundance of reef fish in shallower waters. Huge schools of surgeonfish, snappers and large groupers can be seen further down. There are also big pelagic species, including manta rays, morays and numerous whitetip sharks.

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