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Cala LLonga Cave

Must see
Cueva Cala Llonga is a large cave, also known by the name Cathedral, located off the east coast of the island of Ibiza, opposite the Cala Llonga beach. The entrance to the cave can be found at a depth of around 7-8m/23-26ft, and then after swimming through a tunnel, divers easily access the large hall of the cave. Here, they can surface and breathe some fresh air while observing beautiful stalactites and rock formations. When they re-dive, they will see the exit highlighted in intense blue. After leaving the cave and continuing swimming in southern direction, divers will see beautiful stone arches inhabited by shoals of cormorants and sea bream.

What to see

While exploring the cave divers will see stalactites and some beautiful rock formations. They will also encounter morays, scorpionfish, crawfish, octopi and barracuda in surrounding waters.