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The mesmerizing Caribbean Islands are seen as a minor region of North America. The entire area encompasses of more than 700 islands and subdivided into different regions. The sun-kissed islands of the Caribbean with their glittering azure waters offer amazing sights to behold. Breathtaking pictures and written articles are not enough to satisfy the tourists. You should spend your holidays with Caribbean liveaboards at least once in a lifetime. All islands with their unique charm are a paradise for liveaboard diving vacations. The clear warm waters will offer an unforgettable experience of swimming close to enthralling marine creatures, species of corals and sunken ships that you will never forget.


The Bahamas are probably the most famous of the Caribbean Islands. The Bahamas offers plenty of diving opportunities from resort divers to underwater explorers. The best time to go for liveaboard diving in the Bahamas would be from November to May. The Bahamas is one of the best diving spots if one prefers the thrill of shark diving. The top liveaboard diving spots are mentioned below:

Over the wall

Over the wall is a deep dive into a barrier of the reef. Divers are told to switch off their dive lights when they come at night. High concentration of the bioluminescent dinoflagellates creates a stunning spectacle.

Fowl Cay Preserve

Fowl Cay Preserve is a marine park that has attracted many underwater divers over the years. Reef structures and marine life in this small park that makes it one of the best dive sites for liveaboard diving in the Caribbean.

Edge of the ledge

Small and scattered corals are present towards the southern side of the ledge. Eagle and manta rays are cruising by, and Hammerhead sharks are also seen at times.

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Belize is fringed by the world’s second lengthiest coral reefs. Belize rewards liveaboard divers with a gorgeous array of subaquatic environment that is rich in marine life. Lively reefs, steep walls, schools of fish and the famous Blue Hole attract many divers each year. On the southern reefs, divers witness seasonal schools of fish. The best time to go for a liveaboard diving in Belize would be November to July.

Glover’s Reef

This reef has one of the healthiest coral reefs in the Caribbean islands. Hundreds of classes of marine life and colorful coral present a magnificent view to the liveaboard divers.

M&M caverns

M&M is one of the best diving sites that consist of mountains of corals. Lobsters and groupers are also present. The maximum depth of this cavern is 90 feet.

Hol chan cut

The Hol Chan marine reserve is divided into 4 zones. Liveaboard divers can swim side by side with stingrays and nurse sharks.

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Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos Islands are a worthwhile liveaboard destination in their own right as they feature expansive undersea plateaus, stellar water transparency, historic and recent wrecks, stretches of coral and shallow reefs and many more points of interest for the liveaboard divers. Liveaboards cruise to far-flung and pristine reefs. The best time to board a liveaboard is from October to June. Some of the famous diving sites are:

Grand Turk Wall

Humpback whales and manta rays are spotted during the migration season. Divers can easily see turtles, octopus, dolphins and tropical fish.

French Cay

One of the best places to witness a variety of sharks is in French Cay. The deeper wall areas of the barrier reef have better lighting since they are exposed to the sun.

West Caicos Marine National Park

Yellow and purple sea fans, nurse sharks, eels, turtles, and stingrays live in this park. Here you will experience one of the steepest wall dive sites in Turks and Caicos.

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Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are the hometown of the wall dive. It all started when scuba pioneers returned from the Cayman Islands after having an experience into the underwater cliffs that plunged to undetected depths. It is the prominent diving destination in the Caribbean. The best months to visit are from October to June. The favorite dive sites of the Cayman Islands liveaboards are:

Kittiwake Wreck

The USS Kittiwake is a sunken submarine ship which was brought to the Cayman Islands with the purpose of creating an artificial reef. Advanced liveaboard divers can explore it by swimming through all five decks.

Stingray City

Stingray City is famous for its encounters with stingrays. Stingray City is in shallow waters which makes it easier for novice divers.

Bloody Bay Wall

Bloody Bay Wall has been described as one of the most awe-inspiring vertical drops off. One of the most prominent features is the yellow colored sponges. Deeper you go, the more colorful sponges are seen.

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When to visit Caribbean Islands

The rainy season begins from June and by August the hurricanes may start and continue with full force throughout October. The peak season to visit the Caribbean Islands is from November to the beginning of June.

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