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Sudan Liveaboards may not be an obvious choice for your vacation, however scuba diving is what makes it THE destination to travel to! All historical and political issues, we have been concerned for many years, step aside nowadays. The situation has been getting better each year and since the economic sanctions against Sudan were revoked in October 2017 it’s an important relief and new opportunities for many industries, in particular for travel.

What’s it like?

If you have been diving in the Red Sea (Egyptian part) before, you better multiply the experience and emotion by ten! Sudan proudly stands out of everything you have experienced in the Red Sea before. It’s not for unexperienced divers, diving is much more exciting and challenging.

Every single fact about diving in Sudan goes viral, unspoiled marine life and coral reefs, healthy shark population, large schools of fish, tremendous wrecks, killing steep walls and caves, the one and only research point where Jacque Yves Cousteau spent one month underwater…

The best dive sites in Sudanese part of the Red Sea are quite spread out over a large area. Honestly, to appreciate all underwater treasures at fullest, a liveaboard appears the best option to choose from.

Top 5 Dive Sites

Precontinent II (Conshelf) – Cousteau’s futuristic world is located on the western side of Sha’ab Rumi reef 48km from the shore. Just imagine, back in September 1962, Jacques-Yves Cousteau with his team studied this area and its abundant marine life incl. Gray Sharks, Hammerheads and other various marine inhabitants and plants. Since then the place is a must visit spot which lets you into a big history of marine research.

Angarosh – is initially famous for shark diving, silvertip, grey reef, hammerheards and even tiger sharks are commonly seen here. This is also a place for great deep dives featuring an impressive plateau at between 40 and 55 meters with a beautiful coral reef rising up. It’s vibrant life glows with schools of Barracuda, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Trevallies. Manta Rays also make their appearance in this waters.

Sanganeb National Park – is composed of 124 coral reefs full of high-voltage marine life. Turtles, dolphins, several shark species, schooling barracuda and jackfish, groupers, snappers are cruising the area. You won’t miss the site as it is marked by the British-built Lighthouse standing on a grey stone.

Umbria Wreck – is a true pearl of Sudanese diving and is definitely one of the finest wreck dives in the whole world. Italian war cargo ship met its “fate” in 1940 when rejected to get to the arms of British. It’s still overload with trucks, weapon and bombs and this why it’s quite often compared to Thistlegorm.

Toyota Wreck (Blue Belt Wreck) – this cargo vessel was loaded with Toyota vehicles and spare parts; it sank in 1977. As there were couple unsuccessful tries to “refloat” the vessel, the wreck now lies overturned in between 20 and 36 meters with all cargo moved to the slope.

Diving Season

Liveaboards run all year in a row, however some seasonal changes take place. Dry season is considered to last from November through June, whereas rainy season is marked from June to October. June to September are the hottest months with water temperature peaks at 30°C – 33°C, winter time water temperature is set at 24°C – 27°C.

The months from January to April are knows as Hammerheads Season. For encounters with Manta Rays the best time to plan the travel is the period from August to October.  Various sharks are commonly seen throughout the year.

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