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The Bahamas is a string of 700 islands, including cays and islets, which are part of the Lucayan Archipelago, stretched far wide across the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas is a tropical paradise with its sunny skies, warm climate and magnificent shades of clear blue water. The glorious underwater beauty is one of the main attractions for Caribbean liveaboards.

The Bahamas is one of the most popular spot for vacations, especially for liveaboard diving cruises. Since 2011, the Bahamas has become a shark sanctuary with its various categories of sharks. Of course divers are greeted not only by sharks, but also by the sight of colorful coral reefs, shipwrecks, underwater caves and diverse marine life. The best time to visit Bahamas is in between the months of November and May.

Most of the Bahamas Liveaboards visit Exuma Cays and Eleuthera. What to expect from this itinerary? Let’s have a look.


The Exuma is an exotic location for Caribbean liveaboards. With marvelous waters in electric blue shades, Exuma is popular among liveaboard divers who enjoy swimming among copious marine life. The Exuma has an intriguing combination of striking walls and rich shallow reefs. Most popular dive sites at Exuma are:

Exuma Land and Sea Park

The Exuma Land and Sea Park was the first marine park in the world. It was established in 1958. The park is home to barracudas, many types of fish, sea turtles and all types of sponges. All divers enjoy the view of the assorted sea life and most of all, they can relish the thrill of shark diving and meet shallow bays and attractive reefs.

Jeep Reef

Jeep reef has received its name from the sunken jeep which lies in the bed of the ocean floor. Attracted by brightly colored reef, an abundance of various fish species and lastly, a range of hard and soft corals, this spot is a must on your trip.

Anglefish Blue Hole

This blue hole goes down to nearly 90 feet. Liveaboard divers can witness eagle rays and large parrotfish turtles. The surrounding waters are shallow, making it a good diving spot for beginners.

Amberjack Reef

This beautiful reef is at about 50 feet. It is packed with attention-grabbing creatures, for example, garden eels and pirate blennies. The Amberjack Reef also houses numerous species of sharks which are a must-see if you truly want to make liveaboard diving in Bahamas unforgettable.


Eleuthera is a very thin island that is 2 miles in width and 110 miles in length. There are numerous wrecks present here like nowhere in the Bahamas. This makes Eleuthera an important diving spot to visit on a liveaboard for those who want to enjoy wreck diving.

Current Cut

Current Cut is one of the top diving spots for experienced divers. Liveaboard divers get to witness the fast streams of water. It is a fast diving spree with the prospect of seeing eagle rays and sharks as well as masses of colorful reef fish.

Devil’s Backbone

It is a special dive site for those who enjoy wreck diving. In the shallow waters, divers can see remnants of countless wrecks like the USS Boston, Train Wreck, and Vanaheim etc.

The Arch

Divers can swim under and above a giant arch of corals that forms a closely obscured cave. The network of corals is laden with schools of midnight parrotfish.

Best Shark Dives

The Bahamas is rightly famous for shark dives. The various spectacular shark species greet divers on different dive sites around Bahamas. The great Hammerhead sharks are found in abundance at Bimini. Silky sharks feel home at Eleuthera. Tiger sharks are normally found at the Tiger Beach. The Bull sharks are also found mostly at Eleuthera. Lastly, Oceanic Whitetip sharks are popular at Exuma. All the shark encounters are up-close, this makes Bahamas the best destination to head yourself in the Caribbean. For all Caribbean Liveaboard Diving Destinations click here.

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