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Some places have this distinctiveness about them that they never fail to amaze. Small pearl in Central America, Belize is highly regarded as one of the most amazing travel destinations. For Liveaboard diving in the Caribbean, Belize has earned a prestige status of a gem.

From Mayan ruins to the legendary Great Blue Hole, Belize has everything to make you fall for its mesmerizing beauty.

Belize Liveaboards will take you for a beautiful journey to the world’s second largest barrier reef in the world. Exactly on a liveaboard diving trip you will have a chance to go far from shore to explore outer atolls and cays, so memorize those names:

Lighthouse Reef

Lighthouse Reef is an atoll situated in the Caribbean Sea. It is located in the easternmost part of the Belize Barrier Reef. Lighthouse has one of the best reefs in the entire Caribbean region. It is acknowledged for its soft coral and sponge gardens and breathtaking deep walls. Also, it is home to the world-famous Great Blue Hole. Liveaboard divers can encounter almost 200 species of fish, who call Lighthouse Reef Atoll their home. Eagle Rays, Garden eels, sea turtles and groupers also roam around in these waters.

Turneffe Reef

Turneffe Reef is the biggest atoll in the region. The shallow sparkling waters are perfect for beginner level divers. This reef is mostly covered in thick mangroves which are scattered throughout the shallow lagoons. The mangroves act as feeding grounds with the adjoining waters with rich nutrients. Snappers, French grunts, and jacks are seen in abundance. Bottle-nosed dolphins are seen at times by the liveaboard divers towards the southern side. This diving site is a ‘must-visit’ for all Belize Liveaboards.

Half Moon Caye

Half Moon Caye is a crescent-shaped cay that is on the southeastern side of Lighthouse Reef Atoll. This Caye wall is termed as “6000 feet of vertical abyss”. Liveaboard divers descend into the waters and are met by several nurse sharks, hogfish, turtles and sand eels are around the extremely clear waters of Half Moon Caye. Half Moon Caye Natural Monument is a section of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System (World Heritage Site established in 1996, on December 4th by the United Nations World Heritage Committee). Belize Liveaboards are destined to have the most unforgettable experience at this enthralling diving site.

Best Time to Go

The best season for liveaboard diving in Belize and its atolls are the months from November through July. Liveaboard diving in Belize is mostly safe all year around, but they say it is better to avoid the months when Caribbeans are at risk of hurricanes.

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