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The Philippines is part of the Coral Triangle, which means that it has abundant marine species, from little seahorses and harlequin shrimp to thresher sharks and dugongs. The fauna includes hundreds of coral species, and the Philippines is one of the places richest in corals in the world. Philippines dive sites are diverse and frequently one-of-a-kind. The islands offer a wide range of opportunities for every type of diver, from beginners to professionals and photographers. Choose your destination to explore!

Tubbataha Reef
Time to go: March — June
The destination has become extremely popular because of the coral walls where you can observe the shallow coral reef abruptly giving the way to great depths. You can dive Tubbataha Reef only on a liveaboard trip and, since the season doesn’t last long, it’s great to book your travel in advance.

Malapascua Island
Time to go: December — April
This diving spot is best known for thresher shark and manta rays. You can also expect wrecks, sandy muck dives for photographers, amazing coral walls and tunnels.

Visayan Islands
Time to go: November — May
The Philippines’ central region of tropical islands. These famous diving spots are well-known home to whale sharks, reef sharks, various large pelagics and schools of fish.

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