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    55 m
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Must see

 In Cannitello, in the narrowest point of the Strait of Messina, at a depth between 30 and 55 m, there’s a shipwreck known as “U Vapuri” and recently identified with the ship “Alvah”. It was a freighter carrying grain which, according to the fishermen stories, in a night of early 1900, collided with another boat and sank, while was trying to gain the Calabrian shore. The hull lies upside down on the steep sea bottom, divided into two parts, with the bow facing the shore 30 m deep and the stern at 55 m, where the propeller blades sprout from the sand. The dive, accessible from the shore, takes place mostly inside the wreck, that is very broad and rich in openings. From these passages, which look like large windows overlooking the deep blue of the Straits, you can enjoy a wonderful play of light (the content is provided by Megale Hellas Diving Center)


What to see

 Densely populated by fishes, the hull is fully covered by sponges, nudibranchs, huge starfishes and some species of coelenterates, especially abundant specimens of Leptosamia pruvoti, thanks to which the wreck has earned the definition of “yellow wreck”