Scuba diving in White Tip Alley

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Diver level
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 20 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 50 m

White Tip Alley is a dive site that is a part of Gato Island marine reserve with healthy coral and interesting underwater landscape. Swimthroughs, drop offs and overhangs attract divers with their low currents and abundant sea life. Rocks and sand compile the bottom here.

When to go

The best time for divers to visit White Tip Alley is from March to May, when the water reaches its warmest temperatures of 23-28C/73-82F. The average air temperature is about 27-29C/81-84F with the rainy season lasting from October till January.

What to see

The main highlight of this dive site is a large number of white tip sharks circling the waters. Other types of sharks like bamboo and cat shark can also be spotted here. Divers can also observe patches of large whip corals populated with scorpionfish, lionfish, sea snakes, seahorses and various shrimps.

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