Scuba diving in Varese wreck

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Average: 104.96 ft
Maximum: 134.48 ft
Average: not available
Maximum: not available
Varese is an Italian merchant steamship that sank in 1915 not far from Pula. It is possible to dive inside the wreck, which is quite wide and safe in its entire length. The remains of the ship lie at the depth of 32m to 41m/104-134ft on a seabed of ooze, which often makes for a quite poor visibility. All that remains is the iron hull, now colonized by shoals of fish, covered by corals and sponges and populated with other marine creatures. The wreck has become an artificial reef. Still visible are the opening of the rear cargo hold and the stern.

When to go

Best time to travel is the period from May to September, when the water temperature ranges from 23-32C/74-89 F.

What to see

Shoals of fish, corals, sponges and other marine creatures

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