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Seawolf Soul Liveaboard

Red sea highlights Verified review

Sea wolf soul  is maintained yearly in a dry dock and is 12 years old. The wooden boat is a large 3 floor twin motor vessel, the cabins include 8 rooms with 16 single beds which are located under the saloon, the rooms are clean and simple with one electric outlet (bring a power bar), top floor has two double suites that have views and are light bright and airy. A sun deck and a seating /smoking area. In total the boat can take up to 22 guests. Which could be a little cramped if full capacity. Nitrox available via a membrane system. But is an extra as are carbonated drinks outside of meal times. Electric charging points for budding photographers are located outside. The dive deck is spacious with water points, two good quality dive ladders for easy access back on to the wet area and the two buckets for cameras and masks. The crew of 12 provide a good experience and are always there to help. The saloon is staffed by the Hassan, he provides all your need and is a pleasure to be on board with him. Dive guides Ssafwat and Helmy are professional diver guides who give clear and concise dive briefings that fully explain all dive sites with maps and animations. I highly recommend asking for this team on your trip ,,, as it was a pleasure to discover some of the sites in very very small buddy teams. 42 dives which also included a bonus dive was also a big plus, 14 dive days with two nights sleeping on board in the harbour. Wish I would of been told so I could book a hotel, a dive locator beacons a big plus, but internet access was intermittent to say the least. Great imagination from the kitchen with fresh baked goods. Wine, beer and soft drinks are a little expensive, I would recommend bringing your own.
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Seawolf Dominator Liveaboard

Red Sea HighlightsVerified review

Seawolf Dominator, all covered on this two week journey. Different species of fish and coral. Swam with the dolphins in open sea. Food was good. Dive guides exceptional! Great overall!
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Seawolf Dominator Liveaboard

Very good but misses great Verified review

The Seawolf Dominator 16 day tour of the Red Sea is one of the few ways to see most of such on 1 trip. Note the reefs nearer to shore (about half of diving days) are frequented to a myriad of "day boats", hence can be crowded. The Dominator trip is correctly described as "for the experienced and adventurous diver" due to challenging zodiac entries/exits if seas are rough, and a few strong currents. Meals are ample and decent, snacks except for afternoon dive less so. Beer and wine costs, and are mediocre. Dive guides are fine, and nitrox varies in the 28-30% range. It's cash only for everything after the initial trip booking, and with decent tips, nitrox, local park taxes and such are in the $700 range. The office support personnel are based locally and were excellent and prompt at handling local lodging, transportation and such.
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