Liveaboard diving in

Lighthouse point (Havelock)

Must see
This dive site is located just off the little white lighthouse at the entrance of the channel that leads to Havelock’s jetty. It features a healthy sloping coral reef with some good coral and active fish life in the shallows. It provides shelter to yellow trumpetfish, various angelfish, lionfish, bannerfish, fusiliers, and if divers are lucky, a big gang of humpback parrotfish. Populated with masses of white sponges and healthy hard corals, the reef is covered with large gorgonian sea fans and varying sizes of barrel sponges. It is also perfect for night dives. The depth ranges from 5m/16ft to more than 25m/82ft, the site is suitable for all levels of divers. This site also offers high visibility of up to 25m/82ft.

When To Go Diving

The best weather conditions for scuba diving are from November through April . Water temperatures range between 26-30C/78-84F.

What to see

Sloping coral reef, large gorgonian sea fans, barrel sponges, yellow trumpetfish, various angelfish, lionfish, bannerfish, fusiliers.