Scuba diving in Lake Bled / Blejsko Jezero

From Shore
Diver level
Average: 3 m
Maximum: 30 m
Average: not available
Maximum: not available
Lake Bled, 2120m/1.3mi long and 1380m/1mi wide, is a wonderful spot. Tourists can take full advantage of the beautiful scenery, visit a small church located on an island in the middle of the lake and explore a castle perched on a cliff above the lake. Besides being a terrific tourist location, this spot has a great reputation among divers and is a venue for international scuba diving event that takes place here every year. At the entry point the terrain is appropriate for a mini training dive. The water visibility depends on the weather and may vary a lot. The site is a true challenge for underwater photographers.

When to go

Diving can be done all year round, but in the summer the water is warmer. The average annual water temperature is around 12C/53F, while in the beginning of July it can reach up to 21C/69F.

What to see

The richness and variety of underwater life change with every season. It is rich with fresh water fish species and diverse water plants, which include huge catfish, crayfish and shell-fish, as well as white and red lotus and numerous reeds and algae.

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