LIVEABOARD DIVING IN Port of San Cristobal

San Cristobal - A Hidden Gem of the Galapagos: Discover the best liveaboard cruises that depart from this island, and explore the stunning marine life and wildlife of the Galapagos
Port of San Cristobal Liveaboards
San Cristobal Airport (SCY)

San Cristobal is a lesser-known island in the Galapagos archipelago, but it offers an excellent starting point for a liveaboard trip to explore the unique wildlife and natural wonders of the Galapagos. To reach San Cristobal, you can fly directly to the San Cristobal Airport (SCY), which offers regular flights from mainland Ecuador. Several liveaboard operators offer trips from San Cristobal, including the Galapagos Sky, a luxury liveaboard that offers a variety of diving and land-based excursions. The Galapagos Sky takes you to some of the best diving sites in the Galapagos, including Wolf and Darwin Islands, where you can encounter hammerhead sharks, sea lions, and other marine creatures. Other popular liveaboards that depart from San Cristobal include the Calipso and the Galapagos Master, which also offer various itineraries to explore the diverse marine life and wildlife of the Galapagos. In addition to liveaboards, San Cristobal is also a great place to explore on your own. The island has several beaches, hiking trails, and a tortoise breeding center where you can see giant tortoises up close


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