Scuba diving in Capitan Antonio

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 This is the wreck of an Italian merchant ship, sunk in the waters off the town of Santa Caterina dello Jonio (CZ). It’s now divided into two parts, lying a short distance from each another, and is partially penetrable (the content is provided by Megale Hellas Diving Center)


What to see

 The wreck is always surrounded by dense shoals of damselfish and small bluefish; there are also numerous big red mullets, white seabreams and saddled seabreams. On the sheets of the motor ship there are large swaying spiral tubeworms and anemones; numerous also the urchins. It’s common to meet beautiful specimen of nudibranchs, anemones-hermit crab and octopus


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Marina di Gioiosa lonica

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    Wrecks Tour in Calabria (DBL)

    Calabria is strategically located in the center of the Mediterranean sea and is characterized by the presence of two seas, Ionian and Tyrrhenian, that meet themselves in the amazing scenery of the Strait of Messina. Calabria may be the reign for the most demanding scuba divers, thanks to the variety and the beauty of its depths and even for the unrivalled quality of sea and weather conditions. Along the Route of the Convoys of the second world war, the sea beds of the province of Reggio Calabria house more than 20 historical wrecks, and more others that are still waiting to be explored! These wrecks, often well preserved, represent an important historical and naturalistic heritage, as well as a tourist attraction. All these wrecks, belonging or not to the Navies engaged in the conflict, are patrol boats, freighters, submarines, ferryboats, tankers, each with its own story. Nowadays all these wrecks, 70 years after their sinking, have turned into biodiversity’s oasis: sponges, various species of corals, fishes that find a chance for a well protected hiding place. Even underwater, Calabria represents the perfect integration between archaeological treasures, art and nature, ready to be admired by anyone wishing to explore the beauty of its sea floors. Price is per two persons for double/twin accommodations. You can't book a single entry of this product. If you travel alone or with non-diver, for more information please contact us via "Live Chat" or drop us a line

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