Liveaboard diving in

The Bowbell


On the 29 of August, 1989 the Bowbelle was involved in a tragic accident on the River Thames in London, UK, as it rammed a dance-club boat called the Marchioness. 51 died as a result of that horrible accident. One year later the boat was sold to a company in Madeira as a sand digger and renamed Bom Rei. During routine sand dredging operations the boat broke in the middle and sank on the 25 of March, 1996 at a depth of 32m/105ft. After only a short time marine plants and corals densely covered the wreck and the boat has become a popular site for underwater photographers. Parrot fish, puffer fish, octopus, rays, cuttlefish, starfish, moray eels, sea urchins, trigger fish, tuna, barracudas, tarpons and large groupers can be found there. Also divers can see some giant manta rays and even spot sharks, dolphins and whales.

When To Go Diving

The climate is mild throughout the year. The air temperature in the summer is around 24C/75F and 18C/64F in the winter. The average water temperature is 22C/72F in the summer and 16C/61F in the winter. The water visibility varies between 10m/33ft and 30m/98ft. There can be some low currents (1 knot).