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Diving in Port Barton

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When to go to Port Barton

The best time to scuba dive at Port Barton is December to May. There is almost constant rain from June to November. The average air temperature is 26-28C/78-82F. The water is warmest from May to July, averaging 26-30С/79-86F. Visibility is good, more than 40m/131ft. Currents vary from weak to moderate.


What to see

There are a large number of rare tropical fish, such as angelfish, squirrelfish, clownfish, lionfish, gobies, large grouper, turtles, soldierfish, clams, tangs, blacktip sharks, and tiger sharks.

Scuba diving in Port Barton

Port Barton is a small, picturesque coastal village. Because it is remote, tourists can enjoy a secluded and relaxed vacation here. Visitors can enjoy pristine nature with a wide variety of rare tropical birds and animals. Not far from Port Barton there are islands that are worth exploring, such as Inoladoan, Exotic, Cacnipa, Paradise, Ausan, and Boayan. It is also worth it to visit the waterfalls at Caramay, Bigaho Papawyan and Small Lagoon Reef. At Port Barton, there are plenty of places for divers of different levels to dive. Beginners and experienced divers will enjoy the varied underwater topography, seamounts, beautiful coral growths, and many rare species of fish. The most popular dive sites are Ten Fathoms, Shark Point, Middle Rock, Wilson Head, Royalist Shoal, and Black Coral.