Scuba diving in El Cabron

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From Shore
Diver level
Average: 12 m
Maximum: 25 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 20 m
El Cabron, or the Arinaga Marine Reserve, is located on the east coast of Gran Canaria, and has excellent diving opportunities for divers of all levels of experience. Best of all, most dives at El Cabron are shore dives, so there will be no long boat journeys. The stunning underwater landscape features a large volcanic shelf at a depth of 12-14m/39-46ft, a huge natural arch, caves, tunnels, and cliffs. El Cabron is also known for its rich variety and quantity of fish, with over 50 common marine species.

When to go

The El Cabron dive site offers year-round diving, but the best diving conditions, when the water temperature rises to 26C/79F, are during the summer months. In winter the average water temperature can be a bit cool at 18C/64F.

What to see

El Cabron will surprise divers with its impressive abundance and variety of marine life, including many types of sponges and gorgonians, invertebrates, 5 types of stingrays, seahorses, starfish, big shoals of damselfish, sardines, bream, triggerfish, and barracudas. Occasional marine visitors at El Cabron include angel sharks and blue sharks, manta rays, and tuna.

Liveaboards with trips to El Cabron

Dive center`s Special Offers

  • Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria Divers

    Full Day Trip El Cabron

    2 guided dives from boat. A road trip of approximately 50 minutes from Mogan brings you to the underwater nature reserve “Marina Reserva Arinaga” or more often called “El Cabron”. There are 4 points of entry the water and exit, where you can always do 2 dives
  • Playa del Ingles Zeus Dive Center

    Diving (by Days, 3 Dives per Day)

    Price of one dive might vary with number of dives you order. This product is for certified divers only
  • Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria Divers

    Package 5 Dives

    - day 1: House Reef (check dive) & Night Dive – 2 dives - day 2: Natural Reserve El Cabron – 2 dives - day 3: Mogan West shore dive
  • Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria Divers

    Package 10 Dives

    - day 1: House Reef (check dive) & Night Dive – 2 dives - day 2: Natural Reserve El Cabron – 2 dives - day 3: Wreck dive Ceramona 2 & Wreck Dive Veneguera – 2 dives - day 4: Boat dive Mogan – 2 dives - day 5: Mogan West & Night Dive – 2 dives

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