Scubaspa Maldives: A Decade of Unforgettable Spa and Dive Adventures in Paradise

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Scubaspa Maldives, a premier liveaboard operator, is set to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in May 2023. What sets this fleet apart and draws so many divers to their liveaboards? 

Scubaspa Maldives: A Decade of Unforgettable Spa and Dive Adventures in Paradise


Scubaspa Yin, launched in 2013, introduced a novel concept of a liveaboard with an onboard spa, envisioned by a passionate diver and his physiotherapist wife who spent their honeymoon in the Maldives. This floating resort was designed to cater to both enthusiastic divers and non-diving companions, offering a perfect blend of luxurious spa experiences and thrilling diving opportunities. Scubaspa Yang, an identical sister yacht, joined the fleet a year later.

The fleet’s expert team curates fascinating itineraries that are brimming with scuba diving, snorkeling, rejuvenating spa sessions, gourmet culinary experiences, yoga classes, water sports, beach time, and social activities, allowing you to create memories with your loved ones while making new friends. In addition to the sleek accommodations offered on Scubaspa Liveaboards, you can also enjoy a spa, a small fitness room, a jacuzzi, a deck for sunset cocktails and outdoor dinners under the stars, a bar & restaurant, and an open-air cinema for evening entertainment. With a crew of 30, including spa therapists, a yoga master, highly skilled chefs, and a dive crew, your every need will be taken care of at any time.


Scubaspa’s yachts are accompanied by separate 20-meter dive boats (dhonis) to ensure that the floating hotels remain undisturbed by the noise and activity of dive preparations. Dives are tailored to each diver’s experience level, and while beginners are welcome, more experienced divers will not feel overlooked. Scubaspa also offers various diving courses, from single introductory dives to beginner and advanced certifications. Both yachts are the only vessels in the Maldives to be awarded PADI 5-Star Dive Resort status.

Scubaspa’s itineraries cover a broad area that includes North and South Ari Atoll, Vaavu Atoll in the South, and North and South Male Atolls. Guests can expect frequent sightings of whale sharks, mantas, hammerheads, and eagle rays, as well as large residents like the Napoleon wrasse, grey reef, and white tip sharks, plus large schools of blacktail barracuda and batfish. The reef boasts deep channels with nutrient-rich, fast-flowing currents, large fan corals in the canyon, and turtles, scorpionfish, moray eels, and good coral growth on the reef. Numerous caves, steep drop-offs, and precipitous overhangs await exploration. At any time of year, encounters with schooling reef sharks as well as several different shark species, including the occasional hammerhead, can be expected.

Scubaspa also offers dedicated Love Mantas, Love Sharks, and Love Whale Sharks weeks, which include daily dives and explorations with animals, as well as ocean talks from guest speakers from local NGOs and entertainment.

Scubaspa Maldives: A Decade of Unforgettable Spa and Dive Adventures in Paradise


ScubaSpa Liveaboards sets itself apart from other liveaboard experiences with its extensive range of luxurious spa facilities that can be enjoyed alongside or independently of diving activities. With four tranquil treatment rooms, including a couple’s room, a serene open-air deck, and a peaceful spa lounge, guests have a variety of options to enhance their relaxation and rejuvenation. From indulgent Thai massages to invigorating yoga classes, ScubaSpa offers a unique spa experience with over 14 treatments to choose from, along with daily guided yoga and meditation sessions.

During your week-long stay, you have the flexibility to create a personalized schedule of serenity. With a variety of options including Swedish, Balinese, Thai, Filipino, Hilot, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, Hawaiian, Lomi Lomi, Warm bamboo, lava shell, and hot stone therapies, you are sure to find the perfect treatment for your needs.

ScubaSpa’s secluded deck provides a stunning panoramic view of the ocean and is the ideal location to try yoga on board. Our expert yogis cater to practitioners of all levels, providing guidance and support to help you achieve physical and mental poise. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, ScubaSpa’s yoga classes are the perfect complement to your ocean sanctuary experience.

Scubaspa Maldives: A Decade of Unforgettable Spa and Dive Adventures in Paradise

Social Responsibility 

Scubaspa is deeply committed to environmental preservation and actively collaborates with government agencies, local NGOs, waste management businesses, and marine experts to support all environmental programs.

Scubaspa Maldives: A Decade of Unforgettable Spa and Dive Adventures in Paradise

The ScubaSpa liveaboards are thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of divers, as well as non-diving partners and adventurers who are looking to experience the Maldives in an extraordinary way

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