Liveaboard diving in

Barracuda Point

  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    40 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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Barracuda Point is situated on the northeastern part of Sipadan Island. This dive starts off as a slow drift, and goes along a wall, which goes down 22m/72ft deep. Divers should keep in mind that there is always a possibility of strong currents. Divers finish their dive in the shallow in the coral garden. There is a great barracuda shoal with thousands of barracudas milling around, and divers can even find themselves in the center of this giant barracuda tornado. It is a great site for underwater photographers.

When To Go Diving

The average water temperature stays between 26-30C/78-86F and air temperature ranges from 25C/77F to 32C/89F. Visibility ranges from 10m/32ft to 30m/98ft.

What to see

The site offers a nice variety of soft and hard corals. The coral wall attracts dozens of turtles in the top 10m/32ft, while descending deeper, divers will meet shoals of batfish, barracuda, jacks, grey reef and whitetip sharks, which can be quite numerous. Also divers can spot bumphead parrotfish, octopus, morays, eagle rays, butterflyfish and occasionally, hammerhead sharks. The site also features different small species, like colorful nudibranchs.

Reviews about Barracuda Point

Barracuda Point
At Barracuda Point I have dived ten times. And every time, the dive was like first one. Every time we found something new and breathtaking. One shark?! We saw so many here. For the first time I saw cuttlefish. Impressive schools of barracuda! Another thing I saw for the first time, was school of barracuda in the ring. On this site I met Bumphead Parrotfish. Firstly, I was introduced only to one, but later to the whole school. I wanted to give them a toothbrush and toothpaste. Here we were observing stunning flocks of si... Read more
lver jack fishes. As well, I managed to film whole show by the octopus. This creature was flirting with us by changing its color and shape. It was sitting, lazy crawling, rapidly running, soared, hitting us with its transformations. Do not think that I found Barracuda Point Site the best. No. I find it infinitely different and immensely impressive.
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