Scuba diving in Baixa das Castanhetas

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Diver level
Average: not available
Maximum: 40 m
Strong ( > 2 knots)
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m
Located opposite the Caloura swimming area and less than 0.5km/0.3mi from the shoreline, the dive site of Baixa Das Castanhetas is a series of interlinked rock caverns, gorges and tunnels. It has several ‘floors’, the shallowest of which is about 12m/39ft. These diving ‘rooms’ provide diving conditions that suit every level of divers. Still, Baixa das Castanhetas is considerably deep, which is why the site can be recommended for advanced divers as well.

When to go

The best time to dive at this spot is from May to October, similar to other dive sites in the Azores. The water temperature varies from 16-22C/61-72F.

What to see

Besides its unusual architecture, the site is also attractive because of its diverse fauna and unusual rock structures. The fauna include nudibranchs, white trevallies, cardinalfish, large dusky groupers, and even devil rays.

Reachable from

Vila Franca do Campo

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