Scuba diving in Annie's Bommie

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Average: not available
Maximum: 21 m
Can be strong
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 40 m

Annie's Bommie (Fiji), situated between Taveuni Island and Vanua Levu, is a submerged reef with 3 giant coral bommies, including the ‘Annies Bombie’, which is rising up to 12m/39ft from the depths of the ocean. So it is a great spot to take time to investigate all the nooks and crannies of this large beautiful coral head covered in soft coral of every color: red, purple, violet, blue, yellow and the rare white coral can also be found here.

When to go

From April to November diving is the best. The sea is the warmest during the summer, when it stays at a comfortable temperature of around 28-30C/82-86F. In the winter the water temperature drops to 23C/73F.

What to see

Sea fans, sponges, sea whips, as well as squirrelfish, anthias, angelfish, fairy basslets, butterflyfish, scorpionfish, triggerfish and the occasional leopard shark occupy this reef.

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