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Originally reserved for flights and hotel rooms, online booking is rapidly gaining popularity in other contexts. Restaurant tables, theater tickets, bicycles and many more products and services can be conveniently booked online. Until recently, scuba diving was not among those things as online booking solutions specifically tailored to diving started emerging only in the last year or two.

Why book diving online?

There are a few key reasons, but most importantly it’s quick and easy!

Instead of spending hours searching for scattered information on multiple websites, you can browse through hundreds of offers and discover the vast variety of diving opportunities worldwide brought to your fingertips all in one place. Once you narrowed down your search to a particular destination, you can conveniently compare offers by several dive operators at that location – and choose what works best for you.

With online booking, price is transparent – and you can directly compare offers by several dive operators to ensure  you are getting the best deal. Dive operators also have to disclose what is included in the price and whether there are any extra charges – so that there are no unpleasant surprises later on.

And the booking process itself is becoming effortless: no more phone calls or emails needed. You can now book diving instantly. Just a few simple clicks – and your diving is booked!

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