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A liveaboard trip provides scuba divers of all sorts with an unforgettable and top-quality scuba experience: By spending the entire trip on board, divers will eat, sleep, travel, and dive together for a time period ranging from one week or up to two weeks! 

With liveaboard diving spread over a wide range of destinations across the world, access to pristine and remote dive sites is made easy, and apart from the unforgettable dives, the moments in between traveling to dive sites, and making new friends, and the optimal comfort provided for divers, this kind of experience will often have divers planning their next liveaboard expedition before hanging up their dive gear to dry the moment they get home.

Scuba liveaboards are custom built and designed to cater to divers, this ensures that divers’ needs are met with luxury, innovation, and practical utilities to assure an unforgettable expedition and experience onboard and underwater!


Liveaboard Charters and Group Bookings – The advantages of Booking with Divebooker

What are the benefits of liveaboard diving?

There is a broad range of benefits that comes with liveaboard diving, a major driving force to why divers book liveaboard trips are because it grants divers easier access to explore remote and pristine dive sites thriving with underwater life! 

Other benefits that come with liveaboard diving are:

  • The chance to arrive to dive sites earlier.
  • A dive-focused expedition thanks to less time spent commuting to and from dive centers and dive sites resulting in being able to do more dives per day.
  • Getting to experience the open ocean like never before!
  • Scuba divers can charter the whole boat and it will become a chartered trip

A private charter or a group booking, what suits you better?

Private charters and group bookings are two different types of bookings to suit different types of dive groups. Booking a private charter means that the whole boat is reserved for a private group without any additional clients on board. Group bookings are when the boat is only partially booked privately, in this case, there will be additional divers on board or a second group. The outcome of this will depend on the chosen charter company.

It’s important to be able to distinguish the difference between private charters and group bookings, in this way liveaboard operators will have a clearer idea of what you need and they can meet your needs and expectations with ease!

Let’s take a look into the benefits of private liveaboard charters and group bookings.


Liveaboard Charters and Group Bookings – The advantages of Booking with Divebooker


Private Liveaboard charters, your own way to travel.

Private liveaboard charters are ideally suited for dive clubs, tour leaders looking to organize liveaboard exhibitions along with dive schools and centers looking to plan certification trips once scuba divers qualified a more advanced scuba certification. 

Friends and families also turn to dive and liveaboard trips as another way to find adventure in traveling, this is where private liveaboard charters can also be a great idea for family gatherings and friend reunions to celebrate various occasions while enjoying the underwater wild and living at sea for a couple of days to weeks!

Regardless of the group size, Divebooker can always find the right vessel and a suitable package for private liveaboard trips!


The benefits of booking a private liveaboard charter.

There is nothing better than being able to create a more flexible itinerary at sea to enjoy some shared memories with dive buddies, friends, or family members, and all of this on a privately booked charter!

– Discounts and benefits:

A privately chartered liveaboard not only means that you have a privately booked boat, but it also comes as a cost-effective option that can result in discounts or free spaces on board. These benefits depend on the chosen charter company.

-Scuba divers are surrounded by more familiar divers:

The setting on a liveaboard is very social, and perhaps for more introverted divers, it could cause some overwhelm. This is where a private liveaboard charter can be ideal, as introverted divers also deserve to enjoy the liveaboard diving to its fullest as a smaller group with familiar divers.

-More flexibility to focus on specific dives or dive sites:

As liveaboards generally work on a set schedule and aim to complete the itinerary within a certain amount of days, some divers might not get to spend as much time at a dive site or doing certain dives. With the benefit of having a flexible schedule, divers can spend more days on anchor at a certain dive site, or do more drift, reef, and shark dives! It’s important to remember that a custom or flexible itinerary will have to be planned and discussed in advance, and also to remember that these opportunities will depend on the weather conditions at the chosen destination.

-Niched divers and underwater photographers can get the most out of dive sites:

With the benefit of a private liveaboard and group, divers have more opportunities to get the most out of their dives. With loose divers being filtered out, the dives can be guided by the dive group’s preferred pace and the possibility of more time underwater is also added. Longer dives will depend on the number of dives the group aims to do in one day.

-Diving can be combined with other activities:

Should it be the case that divers would like to see and experience more of a destination apart from the underwater world, diving can be combined with visits to remote beaches, sunbathing, and trekking. There can also be the opportunity to explore some shallow and remote reefs on snorkel among other opportunities.


Liveaboard Charters and Group Bookings – The advantages of Booking with Divebooker

Group bookings come with great benefits and savings!

Group bookings can unlock amazing benefits with liveaboard companies, and Divebooker is here to help agencies and group leaders to find the right liveaboard benefits to fit any group!

The benefits of group bookings:

-Discounts for divers or free spaces onboard:

Just like private chartered liveaboards, depending on the liveaboard company, group bookings also come with discounts or free spaces on board. This makes for a great opportunity to give groups great offers price-wise and it contributes to big savings for divers and group leaders.

-Group bookings can get a private or partially private boat:

A private boat will depend on the number of divers in the group or the size of the chosen liveaboard. Should it be that the liveaboard is partially private, it still allows the group to share some amazing diving and create some great memories!

-You get to meet new friends and dive buddies:

If the divers in the group are not already friends or acquaintances, group bookings are great for new divers looking to network within the dive industry and make new dive buddies embark on many more group dives in the future. This benefit can work the other way too, while some divers still prefer to dive with family members, friends, or their club, the same group booking benefits will apply!

Group bookings also ensure that the divers are on the same certification levels to be included in all of the dives.

An important reminder for agencies and tour leaders looking into booking liveaboard groups:

In order to unlock the benefits of group bookings, tour leaders and agencies can book with groups starting as small as 6-7 guests in a group. This is the standard minimum requirement of group bookings and the maximum capacity will depend on the size of the liveaboard and the maximum amount of passengers it can take.

This means that with group bookings only half the boat may be booked privately and the other half can be open for another group or other divers. It all depends on the company and also the maximum capacity of the liveaboard. Other passengers onboard might take away the benefits of flexibility or privacy on board, however, benefits like free spaces and discounts remain!

Liveaboard Charters and Group Bookings – The advantages of Booking with Divebooker


Are you interested in booking a private charter or group expedition? 

Get in touch with the Divebooker team!

Divebooker is a global marketplace for liveaboard diving where you can find all of the top quality liveaboards in one place!

At Divebooker, we are more than happy to help you book the ultimate and unforgettable liveaboard experience, it is as easy as sending us a group request from the chosen boat page where you can also see that some trips are already marked as a charter only expedition.

With groups or privately chartered liveaboards, our customer service providers are readily available to answer any requests and book you with the liveaboard that meets your needs and budget!

In this way, you can be ensured that the bookings are made with ease and that your and your dive group’s needs are met with care!

Every diver should have a liveaboard experience, and whether it’s a diver’s first time or the next liveaboard safari, there is a liveaboard and destination suited for every diver! 

We are excited to help you in finding your perfect liveaboard experience!

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