Scuba diving in Titlow Marine Sanctuary

From Shore
Diver level
Average: 11 m
Maximum: 14 m
Strong (> 3 knots)
Average: 7 m
Maximum: 10 m

The Titlow Marine Preserve is located to the south of Tacoma Narrows. The bottom is made of boulders, sand, cobblestones, and gravel, along with the substantial supports of the ferry dock. Near the shore there is eelgrass and red algae on the sand. The site is very popular for recreational diving, but is considered more suitable for experienced divers due to the strong currents present.

When to go

Diving in Titlow Marine Preserve is possible all year round, and requires thermo-protective dry suits. The average water temperature hovers between 46-54F/8-12C. The average air temperature in the region is between 60-70F/16-21C.

What to see

The most frequently-spotted fish at this dive site are rock sole, pile perch, buffalo sculpin, painted greenling, and striped seaperch. Brown rockfish, copper rockfish, and lingcod can also be seen here.

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