B&J Diving Centre and Tioman Dive Resort

Kampung Air Batang Bay & Kampung Salang Bay - 86800 Pulau Tioman - Pahang - Malaysia
B&J Diving Centre offers heaven for experienced divers and those who want to learn scuba diving. Strategically located in the northern part of Tioman Island in Salang Bay and in Ayer Batang (aka ABC), B&J is close to some of the best reefs that Asia has to offer. B&J was established in 1987 and has been awarded several times by PADI as a “Project AWARE Environmental A... read more
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Care for the Environment
Guiding & Safety
Service & Infrastructure
PADI100% AWARE, Green Star AWARD, PADI 5* CDC Center
Chinese, English, French, German, Bahasa Malayu
From recommended hotels: Not required
From airport: Surcharge
Diving types
Boat Diving, Shore Diving

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B&J Diving Centre and Tioman Dive Resort
Location B&J operates two dive centres on Tioman Island in Salang Bay and in Air Batang Bay (aka ABC), located on Tioman Island in Malaysia:
- ABC is headquarters with Tioman Dive Resort, pool and bar, located around 3 min walk from the ABC ferry jetty and sits right next to the beach/house reef
- Salang Bay is located right on the beach and you have to disembark the ferry on the last stop
Instructors & Dive masters Distributed over the two dive centres, B&J employs the following full time crew:
- 1 x PADI Course Director (part owner - 25+ years of professional diving experience, also Technical Diving Instructor on all levels)
- 4 x PADI Staff Instructors (5 to 20 years of professional diving experience)
- 5 x PADI Master Scuba Dive Trainers (3 to 7 years of professional diving experience)
- 3 x PADI Divemasters
Dive crew is a mix of locals and international professio...Continue reading
Number of Dive Guides 17
Non-diving activities Non-divers can join dive boats and can enjoy the amazing underwater world snorkeling while the divers enjoy it from beneath.
Other activities on Tioman include:
- Island hopping/snorkeling using one of the local speedboat operators
- Round the island trip using one of the local speedboat operators
- Rainforest trekking
- Golf (at Berjaya Resort)
Infrastructure Bar, Classrooms, Equipment shop, Personal lockers, Pool, Shower, WC, Wi-Fi
PHYSICALlY DISABLED DIVERS As Tioman is not really accessible by wheelchair there is limited availability for disabled divers
Equipment Description Rental dive equipment is always in perfect working condition:
- Scubapro MK2 Regulators (1 to 2 years in rental, serviced several times annually and in perfect condition)
- Scubapro T-One BCD (1 to 2 years in rental)
- Custom made shorty 3mm wetsuits
- Seapro Masks/Snorkels
- IST Full Foot Fins
- Gull Mew Open Heel Fins
- Luxfer Aluminium Tanks (primarily 80cf/11L though also some 70cf/10L and 40cf/5L)
B&J is using Bauer Compressors (primarily ...Continue reading
Distance to nearest Deco Chamber 200 km
Large and comfortable dive boats
Number of boats 3

Read before you go

Check-in time Depends on activity (flexible schedule) and ferry timings
Seasonality February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
REQUIRED INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTS Certification Card, Date of birth, Date of last dive, Logbook, Number of dives
Accepted Payment Methods Card Methods:
American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro
Non-cards Methods:
PayPal, Cash
Read before you go B&J is proud to be amongst the safest dive centers (100% safety record) and it's our top priority. To ensure that you have a safe diving experience diving center:
- insists on a pool/shore refresher dive if you haven't dived in more than 10 months and have not logged more than 30 dives
- allows diving only in buddy teams and with guide (unless you are a professional diver)
- limits the dive time to a minimum of 50bar tank pressure
- insists on a 3min safety-st...Continue reading


From recommended hotels to dive center Not required
Transfers from Tekek Airport to Tioman resort via speedboat can be organized (costs vary depending on number of passengers / location - MYR 25.00 to MYR 70.00 per person per way)
The main way of getting to Tioman is by ferry from either Mersing or Tanjung Gemok. Diving center can assist you in booking ferry tickets from Mersing (currently MYR 40.00 to MYR 50.00/way depending on ferry time). The ferry ride takes around 2 1/2 hours. You can also book ferry tickets online v...Continue reading
Transfer from the airport Surcharge
Recommended hotels We recommend that you stay at our Tioman Dive Resort. You're not only very close to our dive centre but can enjoy the nicest rooms available on Tioman Island (equipped with everything you would expect from a nice hotel room).

We however also assist you to book accommodation at other resorts. These are generally a bit old/less well maintained though they also have some newer rooms. Prices depend fully on how much you want to spend and what kind of room standard you're...Continue reading


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9.4 10
Care for the Environment
Guiding & Safety
Service & Infrastructure
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