Scuba diving in Les Davis Park

From Shore, From Boat
Diver level
Average: 35 m
Maximum: 90 m
Medium ( 1-2 knots)
Average: 7 m
Maximum: 10 m

The Les Davis dive site is located on Ruston Way in Tacoma, Washington. It is an easily accessible dive site that is protected from currents. The main attraction of this site is the man-made reef constructed from old concrete bridge decking, which serves as a good shelter for various marine species. The depth of the dive site is 40-70ft/12-21m.

When to go

Diving in Les Davis Marine Park can be pleasurable at any time of the year. Diving here requires thermo-protective dry suits, because the sea temperature averages 46-54F/8-12C. The air temperature in this area is 60-70F/16-21C.

What to see

Divers swimming around the large blocks are often able to see octopi, warbonnets, wolf eels, grunt sculpins, and sailfin sculpins.

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