Prepare to be amazed by the underwater marvels, vibrant coral reefs, and extraordinary marine encounters that await in the depths of Ambon Island's pristine waters
Ambon Island Liveaboards
Ambon Pattimura Airport (AMQ)

Located along the captivating coastline of Indonesia, Ambon Island stands as a prominent embarkation port for liveaboard diving enthusiasts. This mesmerizing island offers an exciting gateway to extraordinary diving adventures in its surrounding waters, renowned for its rich marine biodiversity and stunning underwater landscapes.

Embarking on liveaboard diving trips from Ambon Island opens up a world of exploration, combining visits to captivating destinations such as Alor, Banda Sea, and Raja Ampat. Diving enthusiasts can indulge in the diverse and vibrant underwater ecosystems found in these renowned locations, encountering an array of marine life, from vibrant coral reefs to majestic pelagic species.

For travelers requiring domestic flights, the nearest airport to Ambon Island is Pattimura Airport. Conveniently located, this airport ensures easy access for those embarking on liveaboard diving adventures, providing a seamless transition from air travel to the immersive wonders of Ambon Island and its surrounding diving destinations


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