Scuba diving in Cara a Cara Shark Dive

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Maximum: 22 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 40 m

Cara Cara in Honduras, which in Spanish means Face to Face, is a site where divers can regularly see sharks in the wild. The dive starts in a stationary position, divers arrange themselves kneeling or standing with their backs to the wall, which means the sharks will never come from behind the divers. The Shark Dive is organized by a team of shark divers who attract sharks by the smell of some fish that the divemaster brings in a bucket. When sharks disperse, divers can explore the surrounding area where they can find old shark teeth on the bottom.

When to go

The high season runs between March to September. The average water temperature throughout a year varies from 25 to 29C/78-84F.

What to see

Divers can explore beautiful reef of hard and soft corals with about 20 Caribbean reef sharks swimming nearby, as well as some large green morays, snappers, jacks and big groupers.

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