Scuba diving in Edmonds Underwater Park

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From Shore
Diver level
Average: 9 m
Maximum: 12 m
Medium ( 1-2 knots)
Average: 7 m
Maximum: 10 m
The Edmonds Underwater Park is located 15 minutes north of Seattle, Washington, north of the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry, at the foot of Main Street. The 27-acre/11-hectare man-made underwater park is a huge pool containing nearly all the possible types of dive sites. The site is also known as Brackett’s Landing. The park opened back in the 1960s, and was developed by volunteers. Here divers can find numerous artificial reefs with orange and white anemones, a tunnel, and several wrecks teeming with sea life.

When to go

The site is open for diving year-round, but it is only possible to dive in thermo-protective dry suits, because the maximum water temperature here is 54F/12C. In terms of favorable conditions for diving, divers should pay the most attention to visibility, which can drop to less than about 3ft/1m in late May. The time with the best visibility is late August and early September (40ft/12m).

What to see

The waters of the park are protected from intense coastal currents and are rich in nutrients, so there is a high diversity of sea life. Cabezons, spotted rockfish, gobies, seaperch, lingcod, geoducks, heart cockles, and scallops can be commonly sighted here. Octopi, nudibranchs, sea stars, and urchins are also some of the inhabitants of this dive area.

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