Liveaboard diving in

DS Frankenwald

  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    40 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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DS Frankenwald, a 122m/400ft long German freighter, is definitely a must see site. It was built in a steel yard in Hamburg in 1922 and in 1940 a navigational error led this German-commanded vessel straight into the island of Brattholmen, where it sank. The wreck is relatively easy to penetrate. It features several swim throughs and has an access to a hold, accommodation area, officer canteen, bridge, stern, bow at 34m/111ft and the engine room. 90% of the wreck is still intact. Visibility is usually good, but divers should be aware of the silt, which can reduce visibility dramatically. The site is best explored over several dives.

When To Go Diving

Best time for diving is from the middle of spring to the middle of autumn. The average air temperature ranges between 2C/35F and 16C/60F throughout the year. The average water temperatures stays close to 5C/41F in January and 15C/59F in August.

What to see

Most of the deck level can be accessed at the depth of 30m/98ft. The deck is full of interesting details like bollards, winches, an emergency steering wheel, ventilation pipes and much more. Divers have a chance to observe drifting jellyfish, coral outgrowths and sea squirts that cover the ship’s surfaces.