Scuba diving in Arena

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" Arena features a long tunnel with high walls and interesting rock formations. The cavities in this reef have deep overhangs and divers can even spot Green Tree Corals in certain areas on top of the wall. Several varieties of hard and soft corals cover the top of the reef making it beautiful as well as very colorful. The sandy bottom reaches a depth of 14-18m/46-59ft, while the top of the reef averages12-14m/39-46ft. Along the sandy bottom divers can expect to find crocodile fish, spotted guitar sharks and torpedo rays. Large lobsters populate smaller caves sharing them with moray eels. This is a shallow dive site where Sea Apple can also be found.

When to go

The air temperature is around 24C/75F in the summer and 18C/64F in the winter. The average water temperature is 22C/72F in the summer and 16C/61F in the winter. The climate is mild all year round.

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