Liveaboard diving in

Vapor do Trigo

Vapor do Trigo is located between Berlenga Grande Island and Peniche, Portugal. This site is perfect for wreck diving and fans of underwater history. It is necessary to have Advanced Open Water experience to dive at this spot. A wreck of a Greek steamship "Andreos" which has sunk in 1926 due to a storm can be found on the depth of 25m/82ft. A Portuguese ship destroyed the steamship's masts which were preventing a good navigation. The average depth of this site is 25m/ 82ft, with the maximum depth of 30m/100ft. Medium visibility varies from 5 to 10m/32ft. Currents can be strong and the presence of permanent tide is a peculiarity of this diving spot. Vapor do Trigo is known for its abundant sea life. Eels, lobsters, moon-fish and groupers can be seen here. Sun-fish and pink sea-breams inhabit the boilers and cavities of the steamship.

When To Go Diving

During summer months at Vapor do Trigo the cold waters of Atlantic Ocean reach higher temperatures of 18C/64F. The best time to dive here is from May to October. During this period the air is warm and stays around 25C/77F on average.