Scuba diving in Pulau Tiga

From Boat
Diver level
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 25 m
Medium ( 1-2 knots)
Average: 5 m
Maximum: 30 m

Pulau Tiga is a group of three small islands found on the western coast of Ambon. The sheer number of fish that inhabit the slopes of these small islands is mesmerising. When diving Ambon around Pulau Tiga and Tanjung Sial, on the southerly tip of Seram, it’s also possible to witness the traditional fishing techniques of the local village community. Dynamite fishing, unfortunately a relatively common practice in other areas of Indonesia, is thankfully not a problem when diving Ambon waters. A day trip to the Pulau Tiga region, drift diving the coral slopes is a very special experience, capped with a delightful lunch on any one of the beaches to be found on the idyllic, palm tree fringed islands – a beautiful backdrop for the surface interval.

When to go

The best diving is in February, October. General diving season starts in May and lasts until September. The average water temperature is 26-30C/79-86F. The rainy season starts from October and lasts until April, when the rains are unpredictable and heavy. Big fishes are often subject to the strong currents.

What to see

Here divers may encounter red tooth trigger fish, Napoleon Wrasses, eagle ray, black tip reef shark, rare bottlenose dolphins swimming along the healthy corals.

Reachable from

Ambon Island

Liveaboards with trips to Pulau Tiga

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