Scuba diving in Porto Novo

Average: not available
Maximum: not available
Average: not available
Maximum: not available
Diving is possible for novice and experienced divers. There practically isn’t any current. The visibility is excellent, about 30m/98ft. The average depth of the site is 20m/65ft, although the maximum depth is 40m/131ft. This is a good site for deep and night dives. Divers can explore beautiful underwater landscapes and see diverse marine life that includes big black stingrays, octopus, scorpion fish and big tonna snails.

When to go

The air temperature stays around 24C/75F in the summer and 18C/64F in the winter. The average water temperature is around 22C/72F in the summer and 16C/61F in the winter. The climate is mild throughout the year.

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