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Diving in Lastovo island

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When to go to Lastovo island

The climate of the Lastovo Islands is typical of the Mediterranean, dominated by mild, moist winters and warm, long, and dry summers.   The rainy season is from October to February. The high diving season is from May through September. The average water temperature is around 25C/77F in summer and 13C/55F in winter. The air temperature is from 6C/43F to 12C/54F in January and from 21C/70F to 28C/82F in July. The visibility is excellent about 30m/98ft. The current are mostly slight. What to see The marine life is one of the richest in the Adriatic, it includes 330 various species of invertebrates. Most popular are red corals, yellow and red gorgonians, various sponges, bryozoans, echinoderms, crabs and lobsters. Mediterranean parrotfish, Green wrasse, octopus, Ornate wrasse, Adriatic barracuda, Grey trigger fish, Red scorpion fish, different species of groupers, moray and conger eel, tunas, swordfish, John Dory, greater amberjack, crayfish, dolphins and marine turtles can be found there.

Scuba diving in Lastovo island

Lastovo is a small island municipality in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia, that consists of 46 islands (including Sušac) and islets. Some of the settlements on the island include the town Lastovo, the villages of Ubli/ Sveti Petar, Zaklopatica, Skrivena Luka, and , Pasadur. The island today relies mostly on its natural beauty as Lastovo is the Adriatic island richest in natural forests and in September 2006 it was declared a nature park. Also there are 46 fields with vineyards and olive- groves. Tourists will be amazed with architecture buildings from the 15th and 16th centuries and with the huge number of churches, chapels. The most important event on the island is an authentic carnival that the locals call the Poklad. The coastline is mostly steep and the surrounding sea is deep. The island is very appealing to divers of all categories. It is one of the most preserved marine areas in the Adriatic, and here divers will enjoy the diverse underwater landscape and the underwater life forms. Divers can explore underwater canyons, caves, amphora, and ship wrecks, including antique sailing boats. Diving in this area is available for divers of all experience levels. Most popular dive sites The most renowned dive sites are Struga, Drasan, Glavat, Malo Jezero, Te Vega, Bijelac and some others. The depth on these dive sites is range from 5m/16ft to 84m/276ft.