Scuba diving in Carlton Hotel

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Carlton Hotel site is located on the west side of Funchal Port in front of the Carlton Hotel. This site is suitable for divers of all experience levels and can be easily reached from the shore. Wall diving featured here, offers visitors a great opportunity to enjoy the abundant sea life and observe different schools of fish living here. The average depth of the site is 15m/49ft with the maximum depth of 25m/82ft. The water visibility is good, 10m/32ft -30m/98ft. Currents are low ( < 1 knot). Because of the location and the easy level of the site it may sometimes be overcrowded on weekends.

When to go

The high season to dive at Carlton Hotel is from June to October when the average sea temperature is around 19C/66F and the air temperature stays at 25C/77F.

Reachable from

Santa Cruz

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