Liveaboard diving in

Berlengas - Cova do Sono

-Cova do Sono is located in the southern bay of Berlenga Grande Island. This diving site is one of the calm and easiest on Berlengas. Sheltered in a clear water bay it's the best place to enjoy the marine life and to refresh cave diving skills for divers of all experience levels. The maximum depth of the site is 12m/39ft. The visibility is good and stays around 10m/32ft -15/49ft through the whole year. Currents are Low (less than 1 knot). The caves of Cova do Sono are also known as Hollow of Dreams. Coming here divers can observe different schools of fish including mackerel and jacks, fork-beard and lobsters. Feeding areas of sea breams and cow breams give divers an opportunity to take fantastic photos.

When To Go Diving

The average water temperature is 17C/63F. The air temperature reaches its peak during the summer months. The best time to dive here is August through October.