Scuba diving in Arcos do Hotel

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Diver level
Average: not available
Maximum: 14 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m
The site is located on the south coast of São Miguel, less than 100m/328ft from the shore, in front of one of Caloura's hotels. The Arcos Do Hotel dive site has big arches and basaltic rock corridors that stretch from the beach at the end of Caloura to Ponta da Galera. At 14m/46ft of depth the seabed consists of blocks of rock, sand, and small pebbles. The shallow depth, good visibility parameters, and weak currents mean that the site is suitable even for entry-level divers.

When to go

The optimal time to visit the site is from May to October. On average, the water temperature is between 16-22C/62-72F.

What to see

There are interesting rock structures and fish: cuckoos, axillaries, ornate wrasses, parrotfish, blacktail comber, Azores chromis, canary damselfish, black morays, yellow-mouth barracudas, blue runners, common stingrays, salmon, sea bream, and salema.

Reachable from

Vila Franca do Campo

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