CLASS: Entity_Mapper_Divecenters
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MESSAGE: SELECT `dc`.*, `dcd`.`name`, `dcd`.`locationDescr`, `dcd`.`inTranslate`, `dcd`.`equipment`, `dcd`.`checkinTime`, `dcd`.`transfersType`, `dcd`.`additionalCosts`, `dcd`.`rules`, `dcd`.`descr`, `dcd`.`transport`, `dcd`.`instructors`, `dcd`.`activities`, `dcd`.`recommendedAccomodation`, `dcd`.`physicallyDisabled`, `dcd`.`resortPriceInfo`, `dcd`.`useMetaSeo`, `dcd`.`metaTitle`, `dcd`.`metaDescription`, `dcd`.`metaKeywords`, `ddt`.`countryId` AS `secondary_countryId`, `tl`.`id` AS `locationId`, `tl`.`webUrl` FROM `dive_centers` AS `dc` LEFT JOIN `dive_centers_descr` AS `dcd` ON = dcd.parentId AND dcd.languageId = "1" INNER JOIN `dive_destinations` AS `ddt` ON dc.destinationId = LEFT JOIN `tripadvisor_locations` AS `tl` ON = tl.dcId WHERE (ddt.countryId = ) ORDER BY `dc`.`id` desc