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 Liveaboard LiveaboardAri Dive – Komodo Liveaboard Fleet, 4 reviews

Beware - not for everyone. Lower your expectations

You get what you pay for. This is a typical budget Komodo liveaboard so don't expect much from crew and vessel. The diving is great though.
The cabins on this boat are below deck and next to the engine which is on almost 24/7. The captain turns it off for a couple of hours in the day and a couple of hours before dawn. The rest of the time it's loud, vibrates the rooms and chugs out fumes. I didn't get much sleep at all for the 5 nights. If you can sleep through anything you may be ok. If you are a light sleeper beware.
The food is not to everyone's taste. Its basic and there is plenty of it. The local dive guide loved it and a couple of guests liked the breakfast option, another liked the dinner options. You won't starve but may be limited to rice for 2 meals of the day.
So for some potentially no sleep and very hungry.
The boat smelt pretty bad too.
The start and finish of the experience were disasters. We were taken on board and none of the out we'd requested was on board. Panic stations. But everything got sorted eventually. We were then told to sit tight for the next guests to arrive 7 hours. They wouldn't take us back to shore until I told them I needed to go to the pharmacy.
The end of the trip the bill arrives. Beware the lagers are the most expensive in Indonesia. Anything else that they can add to a bill they add and tried to charge twice for the park fees. Be careful of that scam, it happens a lot. Check you've paid the park fees and keep the proof on an email close to hand to show the dive guide and captain.
All in all it was a pretty shocking experience. But the diving was awesome.
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