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We analysed everything you told us about you, and here are the liveaboard trip destinations that would be perfect for you. Which of them feels like your perfect spot for upcoming holidays?

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Carpe Novo NovoCarpe Diem Maldives, 2 reviews

Beautiful boat, very nice crew, and beautiful diving

It was our first time diving in the Maldives. We came to see Mantas, and we were not disappointed: we have seen 10s of them on different dive site.

The Carpe Novo was very spacious. The cabin was nice, the bathroom was very large.

The large dive boat is very convenient (not an inflatable type of small boat to get to the dive site as it was on other live aboard). It was easy and comfortable to get setup on for the dive, and getting back in after the dive: much better than expected. You leave your dive equipment on the dive boat, which is extremely convenient.

The food was good, including fresh fish caught from the boat. But one person in our party was eating gluten free, and even though that had been specified early on, the food shopping had not been done accordingly. We were told that people eating gluten free typically pack their own pasta and bread in their suitcase. :-/ If so, it would have been nice to be informed about that pre-boarding.

All that being said, that was a great experience. I would happily book another trip on Carpe Novo.

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Emperor Virgo VirgoEmperor Fleet, 1 review

Good ratio price - quality

Deep South & Southern Sharks trip in late January - early February was a nice experience. The cabin crew of Emperor Virgo is really nice and helpful. Food was amazing and everything was clean. Emperor Virgo is not a luxurious vessel, but it is comfortable and met our expectations. A good value for money. The route (South atolls), in our opinion is only for "channel dive", so if you are not an experienced diver, avoid this route. Don't expect to see mantas, there is no clenaning points (at least in our trip we didn't find any). As a negative point the diversity of diving spots, we repeated some points 4 times, and I would appreciated more variety. The information about the route is not properly explained by Emperor, as we didn't go to Foamulah (tiger and silver tip sharks) and we didn't the night dive (a must, following Emperor description: "The night dive on the Hyatt Reef is definitely one to be experienced"). Anyway, it was a nice trip.
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